Apr 272018
[review] Shambles (Thailand) - Primitive Death Trance (Blood Harvest records)

You have noticed here is SHAMBLES coming from Thailand because there is one more Shambles but from Bulgaria and with the different musical genre. SHAMBLES was formed in Samutprakarn 21 years ago (1997) (then moved to Bangkok later) and was not enough known among bestialbangers worldwide, moreover started with brutal death/grind, you know. Later musicians […]

Apr 192018
[review] Obscene (U.S.) - Sermon to the Snake (Blood Harvest records)

How do I like the very first recordings from the new bands! OBSCENE is an American band, formed back in 2017 (2016-2017 they were “known” like Blood Chasm) and Sermon to the Snake is their very first shot which was recorded back in 2017 but released this year in TAPE format by Swedish Blood Harvest […]

Apr 052018
[review] Cryptivore - Unseen Divinity (Blood Harvest records)

I’ve always dreamed about visiting Australia or New Zealand and it was pretty interesting to check bands out of there. For some pseudo-“metalrockheards” Australia is all about AC/DC and only real headbangers know many killer Underground bands out of there. My own knowledge about Australian metal scene is enough wide, I know Thrash, Death, Black […]