Jun 072018

Whipstriker is a brazilian Black/Speed metal act which may not need any introduction for many of you, coming from the same gutter of fellow bands like the mighty Power from Hell or Flagelador, which breath the same air of violence and hate in this southern jungle of madness. So is not a strange thing all these bands have been carrying for many years the banner of the most destructive Old School rawness we can hear.

And of course, in their already 4th album, after a quite long career now (10 years of devotion!), in these times when the common thing is to jump on the trend for some time and then disappear into another new and ”cooler” trend, Whipstriker still carry this banner proudly and uncompromising: Staying true to their personality and convictions. If you are into heavy headbanging riffstorms this is for you. After a menacing short intro, the carnage begins.The music is relentless, these guys are maniacs of speed-up riffs with an evil vibe. They mix their obvious influences of early Destruction, Sodom, Venom and Possessed with many classic Heavy Metal elements, most notoriously in the lead guitars and solos which show a more mature and masterful use of melodic arrangements than your usual Black/Thrash/Speed metal band. In this aspect, these southern maniacs have developed a personality and sound of their own, way beyond the copycat Old School revival bands that have been so omnipresent during this last decade the band has been active. This is the sound of riding through a post-apocalyptic barren landscape while seeing the selfdestruction of mankind, plagued by sickness and hate. The riffs flow nicely into each other, continuously having this ass-kicking approach so common in speed metal, but having enough variation to keep the listener interested: Many power-chord progressions with punkish feeling and raw energy, combined with tremolo picking evil  melodies. The variation need is also satisfied with some well done mid-tempo, like in the venom-ish ”Mantas Black Mass”. The next attack, ”Soldiers of Sodom” has a mindblowing black metal double-guitar riff that shows the variety of influences these guys can put into their own musical identity, possibly one of the darkest and most intense tracks in this album. ”Enemies Leather” is a massacre of nasty heavy-thrashing riffs alternating with excellent soloing, I can only complain about the ending of this song which is too abrupt and quite fucks up the feeling of the song. Refering to the whole album, the negative aspect is the production which sounds quite plain and lazy, specially in the drums and the vocals. Maybe is a matter of personal taste, but i like drums with a ”deeper” sound. The vocals, while being full of hate and totally fitting the music, could have been more developed for this album. It might also be a personal taste thing, but i like when vocalists go insane and uncontrolled instead of singing the usual Black/Thrash manner all the time. This is something i miss in this album. But fuck off!! This is a killer album anyway, totally recommended. So if you are reading this, stop being a nice neighbour and play Whipstriker’s ”Merciless Artillery” till you rip your ears. DIE!!!