Apr 032018

VAULTWRAITH is an American band, formed in Springfield, Missouri. As far as I understood the band was formed back in 2012. Due to available information the line-up seems to be next: Baron Blood (Drums), The Warlock (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals), Alucarda Bellows (Vocals) and Esteban Walpurgis (Vocals)… (yes, there is no mistake – 3 vocals) There is no any info about band members, and looks like there are completely anonymous musicianswithout any past… But, Alucarda Bellows is a Vanessa Nocera, known by bands like SurgikillCauldron Burial and Wooden Stake… She is also Co-Creator & Co-Owner of Evilspeak Magazine, thus one person was disclosed.

Anyway, the line-up and musicians past or future is not something extremely important over here, right? let’s see what a killer stuff sounds from Death is Proof of Satan’s Power

Death is Proof of Satan’s Power contains 11 tracks which drove me into some other world, the world of occult darkness. Musically VAULTWRATH plays such powerful mixture between – Black metal, Death metal, Heavy metal etc. But musicians named their genre just like “Devilcraft Metal” and let it be this way! I have found next “roots” like Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, King Diamond and some more cool names from “glorious times” while listening to the VAULTWRATH. And really, listening to Death is Proof of Satan’s Power is a kind of great time with the numerous of your favorite genres at once! The opener The Vaultwraith sounds (for me) more like a gymn/intro in spite it is a song, like a “be prepared for some kick ass stuff if you will survive”. Next songs reminds me heavier version of killer mixture between Mercyful Fate and Celtic Frost, with creepy atmosphere. I just got some relax listening to the first 6 tracks, but… boomz! Track number 7, entitled Devilcraft just torn my ears and mind by such rock’n’rolling black thrash speed metal shot! Devilcraft sounds like some sick version of Motorhead, Venom and early Metallica, just full of devilish power, with high-speed guitars, brutally pressing drumming and (of course!) occult vocals! The song become my favorite from the very first listening to… Just imagine VENOM‘s Black Metal jammed with MOTORHEAD, Celtic Frost and Metallica somewhere back in, let’s say – 1985! Uhhh… Unspeakable powerful track! Following song Open Grave Rape sounds with some “technical” tunes and reminds me Nocturnus. The last two songs Damsel in Disgust and Skeletonized Malediction brought memory about BATHORY in my head…

As you see, Death is Proof of Satan’s Power is an unbelievable powerful and reach for ideas album which is seems to be for a “long time”… Thus I’ve discovered one more masterpiece today right after ABHOR!

So, while Death is Proof of Satan’s Power – VAULTWRAITH is Proof of True Metalhell!

Release date: 31 October 2017

Wrath of the Wraith Demo 2016 (Witchhammer Productions)
Undead Warlock Promo Tape 2017 Compilation 2017 (Independent)
Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power Full-length 2017 (Hells Headbangers Records)