Jun 042018

What we have here is yet another “bestial” blackened death metal platter courtesy of the Great White North. One need only view the fucking savage Moyen style black and white art adorning the cover to know exactly what to expect of this release. This stuff leans more towards the Archgoat side of things than the Ross Bay Cult offerings, but what sets these nuts apart from their contemporaries are the absolutely demented gurgling, cavernous, goregrind style vocals alternating with occasional high pitched shrieks throughout. That alone would allow this album to carve it’s own unique little niche alongside other classics of the genre, to say nothing of the solid musicianship and song titles belying lyrical subject matter beyond the typical war/goat/fago nonsense usually associated with this style. The band is on Spotify and currently has a cassette version of the album coming from Krucyator Productions. I for one hope it comes to vinyl soon as I really enjoyed this release and that cover art is pretty fucking awesome.