Jun 142018

This is just a solid brutal death metal album with a few melodic surprises. The band hails from Germany which means fuck all as there’s nothing inherently German sounding about it. Lead throatsman, Dragoncolon, enunciates everything in perfect English, the sort of death metal vocals you can understand yet retain their brutality and don’t cause the homo chills induced by the metalcore faggots. Musicianship is solid and there’s really not much more add, you put this on and it ticks off all the boxes on the list of archetypal death metal riffing and battery. A great man once told me that his reviews were missives sent to his past self, messages bearing either warning or encouragement towards future purchase. With that in mind I’ll leave me with this, “this is the sort of album you’re gonna wanna add as your freebie after choosing the 3 you wanna pay for from Sevared Records, it’ll be a nice palate cleanser after all the bree bree orr orr slam stuff”.