Apr 272018

You have noticed here is SHAMBLES coming from Thailand because there is one more Shambles but from Bulgaria and with the different musical genre.

SHAMBLES was formed in Samutprakarn 21 years ago (1997) (then moved to Bangkok later) and was not enough known among bestialbangers worldwide, moreover started with brutal death/grind, you know. Later musicians switched SHAMBLES into black metal and finally we get bestial SHAMBLES within some barbaric death/doom metal and that’s maybe their better point of existence!

Some musicians has some practice with more or less known among bestialbangers bands ala Zygoatsis (Chainarong Meeprasert), Nocturnal Damnation (Thinnarat Phoungmanee). But listening to to Primitive Death Trance you can see everybody in SHAMBLES is into real hellish music and that’s the main fact.

The EP contains just 4 tracks: Daemon, Dismal Pantheons, Illusion of the Void and self-titled to the album Primitive Death Trance. To be honest that was pretty short time for me because I wanted listen to Primitive Death Trance‘s continuation…

The music on this EP is completely wrapped into real atmosphere of darkness. Every track sounds powerful and merciless, with low tuned pressing guitars which comes by slow rhythms, crossed with slow but massive drumming with bass guitar and covered by deep hellish growls. The next powerful thing on Primitive Death Trance are those tempo-changes when slow rhythms switching into mid tempos but with fast and more massive drumming and etc, that way and back to slow parts… Sounds just incredible. All in all I can’t tag this EP like just a music because Primitive Death Trance is something like hymn of death, slow and torturous death, when the real beast came to tear you apart… Sinister… Merciless… Deep… Real… Hellish… Beware by death, beware by death by SHAMBLES!

An EP was released on December 30th, 2017 on CD format and re-released on March 5th, 2018 on Vinyl LP format by Swedish Blood Harvest records.