Apr 042018

Morbosidad is one among my personal favorites during the years… This American bestial Black/Death Metal horde was started in Oakland, California and moved to the Houston, Texas later. Morbosidad was formed back in 1993, recorded two demos (Demo ’93 and Santisima muerte in ’94 (re-issued by Iron Fist Domain Productions in 2002) and sink into “hiatus” in 1995 (because an explosion in rehearsal room) until 1998. Two years later they have finished long-awaited full-length album, entitled Morbosidad in 2000…

Well, to be honest, that’s a pity Morbosidad has just 5 full-length albums, but luckily there are also available numerous of Splits, EP’s and even killer Live albums from them. of course we shouldn’t miss the fact of tragic issues with two drummers… You know, Morbosidad original drummer Yegros died in an explosion while in the band rehearsal room in 1995… Then in 2009 another drummer (Goat Destroyer) passed away, this time by falling out of a third-story building… In spite of these truly sad issues the band still kick ass and continue to compose new stuff… So the only Tomas Stench (vocals) is an original band-member, others were joined the band from during 2013-2016 yy. All of them are enough skilled and powerful musicians.

Okay, originally Corona de Epidemia was released on December 15th, 2017 in Vinyl only format, and CD format available from March 18th, 2018, so every bestial metalhead may have it in a collection.

Corona de Epidemia contains 11 tracks, completely enough to kick your asses. Musically Morbosidad has never changed their musical visions are created truly obscure stuff. Everything merged with death and black metal, with some “grindcore” touches here and there and absorbed by deeply Satanic and Warlike atmoshere. The every single song sounds just like some warhymn, covered by raw and twisted guitars, chaotical yet sick and powerful drumming, tight bass lines and unearthly vocals. The most memorable thing on Corona de Epidemia are those sickest thresholds, played by really chaotic and catching way. The guitar’s sound is enough raw and tight at the same time, those pressing guitar rhythms gonna to split your head and explode that fvkking cross on the necks of believers. The songs like Cordero de Cristo drovge me into typical bestial metal massacre in the typical Morbosidad along with mighty Blasphemy and so on. Just crushing bestial attack.

The whole album is a killer piece of hellish sounds, made with huge obscure passion and the “true” approach, Corona de Epidemia is the next battle which will be highly rated among all the fans who are into pure hellish sounds and classical bestial tunes.

Prepare for WAR!