Apr 212018

Ooooh, holy inverted cross! Sweden continues with killer bands!

The first question was what means MALAKHIM? Malachim was an alphabet published by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in the 16th century. “Malachim” is a plural form from Hebrew (מלאך, mal’ach), and means “angels” or “messengers”.

The band was formed two years ago in Västerbotten (pretty old city formed on 1638) by 5 severe guys and it took almost 2 years for the band to release first demo. I have checked musicians activity and I have found two bands I know, like Deathbound (TK – Bass) and Naglfar (AN – Guitars) thus MALAKHIM‘s team is far not some “newbies”.

Well, Demo I is just killer example of Satanic black metal in the classical way, built with really harsh and catching rhythms. The demo contains just three songs and I think these song would be used for the coming album. Musically we get real black metal made by sure way. Two raging guitars crossing with apocalyptic drumming, obscure vocals and fat bass-lines. Each song has enough tempo-changes andeven slowdowns but it’s still keeping your mood with enough drive. And how great are those tempo-changes when some slow part suddenly changes into the fast massacre, just incredible!

The next thing is a band’s logo which was made in classical way too, I mean once you’ll look at band’s logo you’ll get what the kind of music you may expect for. And the cover art is worth for attention because it’s simple and obscure at the some time, something from Bathory‘s early works.

For me personally MALAKHIM is something where MAYHEM‘s gloom met with MARDUK‘s brutality, really and really worth stuff! And I have more and more powerful impressions with each single listening to there three songs which were just proved something like we got some new black metal beast which will be highly respected with their first full-length.

The demo released on December 1st, 2017.