Jun 042018

Ghoul Cult is two dickheads from Norway playing a brand of black/death/thrash in the style of Witchtrap, albeit more mid-paced and with far more nods to Hellhammer than their Columbian counterparts. This is a discography collection of sorts, collecting all recorded output prior to 2016, as the song “To the Tombs” they played on the split with Urfaust was not included in my promo copy. There is a lot of variety riff and tempo wise going on song to song, very few tremolo picked riffs and “croaking talk” vocals befitting of said comparison to Witchtrap. There’s a fun old school feel to all the tracks throughout with pretty damn hilarious lyrics on songs like “Fucked by the Living Dead”… “but the dead are tired being raped, after all these years they fight back, a cruel vengeance for overworn genitalia and now, they gather for attack!” Duplicate Records put this out on a single LP and there is also a Double CD version with extra demo / rehearsal tracks and pre Ghoul Cult material. I’ll be nabbing the double cd version as I can’t get enough of this shit. It’s also worth mentioning, one of said Norwegian dickheads behind this release is Mr. Johnny Tombthrasher, drummer of black/doom freaks Faustcoven, another band absolutely worth checking out if you have any interest in their respective genre.