Apr 252018

Hells Headbangers records dug up real diamond from so far ’80s!

BLACK DEATH is an American band with pretty sad history… Originally formed back in 1977 and splitted up in 1988… Then 2009-2010 and after 2010 BLACK DEATH finished its “activity”. 2009-2014 (as Siki Spacek and The Resurrection), 2014-present (as Black Death Resurrected); to be honest I never heard both those “new” bands so I can tell you nothing about. But BLACK DEATH leave something in the metal history! The band has just three demos: Demo I – 1981, Demo II – 1982 and Demo III – 1983 (just like you can see – one demo per year, fine starts, isn’t it?). Finally in the year of 1984 BLACK DEATH recorded their first full-length album which was released by Auburn Records on D-LP format. And after this album was released the band has just couple of unofficial re-releases (by Shifty Records in 2000 and Burn Records in 2015).

All in all now we have 100% official re-issue on all possible formats, LP, CD, TAPE. So, what the kind of music BLACK DEATH could play back in 1984? Yes of course, heavy metal made in classic way. When I listen to this album I’m able to hear many roots, from Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, some twisted parts ala Motorhead and many other bands who built the scene starting from far ’70s; or the opener Night of the Living Dead reminds me some VENOM‘s rush, when second song The Hunger reminds me THIN LIZZY partially and so on. The whole album’s production is not on high level and sounds more like well produced demo, but from the other hand we get such killer piece of truly raw heavy metal which will conquer your mind from the very first listening to (if you never heard this album before of course!). I’m sure some young so called “metalheads” could just react like “wtf?! what are garage band!” and they may fvkk off of course.

If we’ll pay attention to the songs structire we’ll hear how good musicians use their instruments, everybody’s instrument sounds properly towards each other, moreover you can hear some ala progressive parts in BLACK DEATH‘s music (for example listen to self-titled to album song). But all in all Black Death is a piece of raw and cold as stone heavy metal, which was filled by unearthly energy of several young men. Played perfectly with nice catching rhythms, freezing guitar solos and typical fat bass lines and two types vocals – typical rough and typical high pitched “screams”. Heavy metal is the law! Unfortunately I’m unable to highlisht some separate songs from the albums in spite they comes with various tempos, like some are fast and some are slow etc because I like the whole album and that’s all.

BLACK DEATHBlack Death is a truly classic for everybody into classical “old-school heavy metal” from “those times”!

Re-release date: November 17th, 2017.