Apr 032018

Everybody know the beast called ABHOR so the band do not need to be presented alot. Just to remind – ABHOR was formed at NorthEast Italy back in 1995 to bring some Occult and Satanic stuff and they were always true for themselves with each single album they have released during last 23 years. Sad thing there are just two original members in ABHOR‘s line-up but I think that is not some negative thing, right? Two “new” guys: Kvasir (A:S:, Mourning Mist, Profezia, ex-Ancient Supremacy) – Bass and Guitars joined the band in 2004, and Leonardo Lonnerbach (Organ) in 2014. While Kvasir took part in recording process for all ABHOR albums started from Vehementia (2005, released by The Oath). Moreover he has composed 85% of “Occulta religiO”.

“Occulta religiO” contains 7 songs, fulfilled with such deep occult atmosphere… I have listened everything carefully and with huge interest. What I like most of all were those slow paces (highlight – 4th song – “Demons Forged from the Smoke” which start built with slow rhythms, deeply occult atmosphere, diabolical vocals and just freezing organ parts. About two minutes of playing time and you’ll get huge punch into your face with such faster and aggressive parts… Argh!). Then awesome “warlike” rhythm-section from the mid of 5th track Exemplum Satanicus… There are alot of worth moments, mainly during the whole playing time so it’s worthless to write them all here!

Feel free to check one song here – https://soundcloud.com/iron-bonehead-productions/abhor-fons-malorum/s-HCurw

ABHOR combined those slow and mid parts with fast and aggressive, but without steps back from occult atmosphere, and that’s truly killer. Together with guitars I just can’t skip those solid yet tight bass parts during the entire album’ playing time, which are just pressing you down together with sick and powerful drumming!

Do not expect some monotonous rhythms over Occulta religiO because the album is extremely reach for tempo-changes.

If we’ll talk about similar things between “Occulta religiO” and previous album “Ritualia Stramonium” then I’m dare to say that “Occulta religiO” is something like continuation of “Ritualia Stramonium” but with more slow parts and with a bit less of symphonies.

To conclude – Occulta religiO is a really powerful album from Italian grands, the album will just help to your soul to sink deep into your darkest thoughts. ABHOR created real masterpiece within occult black metal genre which should be highly respected by fans worldwide.

Release date: 25 May 2018

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