El Duce

Jun 142018
[review] Supreme Carnage - Morbid Ways to Die (Redefining Darkness Records | Raw Skull Records)

This is just a solid brutal death metal album with a few melodic surprises. The band hails from Germany which means fuck all as there’s nothing inherently German sounding about it. Lead throatsman, Dragoncolon, enunciates everything in perfect English, the sort of death metal vocals you can understand yet retain their brutality and don’t cause […]

Jun 052018
[review] SHAKMA - House Of Possession (Duplicate Records)

Shakma is a horror themed thrash metal band hailing from Norway consisting of one metalhead and three other guys that wouldn’t look out of place wearing Shinedown and Nickelback shirts. I’ve listened to this all the way through like five times, in the car, at home on a quality stereo, with tits headphones whilst walking […]

Jun 042018
[review] The Black Sorcery – ...And the Beast Spake Death from Above (Krucyator Productions)

What we have here is yet another “bestial” blackened death metal platter courtesy of the Great White North. One need only view the fucking savage Moyen style black and white art adorning the cover to know exactly what to expect of this release. This stuff leans more towards the Archgoat side of things than the […]

Jun 042018
[review] GHOUL CULT - Ghoul Cult (Duplicate records)

Ghoul Cult is two dickheads from Norway playing a brand of black/death/thrash in the style of Witchtrap, albeit more mid-paced and with far more nods to Hellhammer than their Columbian counterparts. This is a discography collection of sorts, collecting all recorded output prior to 2016, as the song “To the Tombs” they played on the […]