Jun 052018

Shakma is a horror themed thrash metal band hailing from Norway consisting of one metalhead and three other guys that wouldn’t look out of place wearing Shinedown and Nickelback shirts. I’ve listened to this all the way through like five times, in the car, at home on a quality stereo, with tits headphones whilst walking to my drug dealers house, and I can’t recall a single fucking song off this album. It’s a wholly inoffensive and unremarkle style of thrash that goes in one ear, straight out the other. There’s like 5 riffs repeated ad nauseum throughout and the chorus to every song is it’s title. I just don’t know who albums like this are for, if you’re new to the genre you’d better serve yourself getting acquainted with the classics and if you’re already familiar with it you’d better serve yourself getting RE-aquainted with the classics. But what do I know, my collection is full of Darkclones and Carcass rip-offs. I give this release 2 outta 5 denim vests. Out on vinyl courtesy of Duplicate Records, some Die Hard editions on yellow/black marbled vinyl w/ poster and the rest plain black. Limited to 300 total ‘cause it sucks!