May 142018

Australia brought us many good bands within obscure and just killer music, there are alot of bands which has conquered our minds and all the bestialbangers following them during the years! GRAVE UPHEAVAL is one among those with just unbelievable killer music. Originally formed 10 years ago in Queensland by guys who has been also participated in Impetuous Ritual, Portal, Temple Nightside… The most know band for me is Portal but those others are should be known among die hard fans as well.

Originally Unititled was released on April 15 but I get this release in my hands just now.

After several times of listening to this album I still continue to play it again and again. This is probably one of the most darkest albums I have listened to (during last couple months).

The album contains eight enough long songs. The only difference between 2013’s debut (with the same title – Untitled) the last one contains song titles, ala “II-I”, “II-II” and so on, when debut album contains no song titles at all. Of course I do understand this fact makes GRAVE UPHEAVAL‘s music much more mysterious but it’s pretty unusual to see no any song titles when it comes to the full-length album. But from the other hand their music is so deeply obscure and dark so you are able to think out some song titles by yourself (for yourself) while listening to this hellish piece.

Every song has deeply dark atmosphere, let’s say – maybe Funeral one, like a typical funeral doom metal but made with Death metal layer. Slow, really pressing and catching at the same, catching so much so you are unable to do (or even think) something and listen to the GRAVE UPHEAVAL as a background. From my point of view GRAVE UPHEAVAL plays truly obscure DEATH METAL OF DOOM, full of horror tunes and darkest atmoshere from possible ways. The guitars are ripping (sometimes reminds me even BLASPHEMY, ARCHGOAT and so on but maybe with a bit slower parts). I’m dare to say musicians put really heavy thoughts on this album because it does not sounds in one way with just one chord and the same tempos, but we have there two way things – the first one – slow as hell rhythms and the second one – mid-fast tempos, and they are changing pretty often from slow to mid from slow to fast and so on, sounds really incredible. Also all those horror moments are shocking! And I can’t miss pressing drumming (comes with both slow and fast tempos). Plus add unearthly voices and you’ll get what is GRAVE UPHEAVAL all about.

Untitled is a truly worth stuff, obscure, sombre, mid-paced and fucking catching.